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Online Membership Listings

WOB Network Membership Listings are published on the WOB Network Web site, updated monthly, and open to visitors for viewing. The purpose of the Online Membership Listings is to facilitate networking and business promotional opportunities for participating WOB Network members.

Members submit contact information and business descriptions to WOB Network and may authorize the WOB Network to publish them on the Web site. Members may elect not to publish their contact and business information in the Online Membership Listings. Members may also elect to remove their contact and business information from the Online Membership by submitting a change request.

To search current members of the Network, simply use the search utility. To view all Network member listings, click on the 'Member List' button.

If you operate a woman-owned business in Missouri, and would like to be a member of the Network, please register using online registration form or contact Lisa Althoff, Executive Director of the Missouri Women’s Council at: .

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